About us

GreekAPPs is the leading Greek team in travel app development.

Unlike other travel applications, we focus on individual destinations rather than the entire country or larger regions. This approach allows for more in-depth information about the area and its places of interest.

This enables you to manage your trip – whether in the planning stage or on the go – as seamlessly and knowledgeably as possible, all in the palm of your hand.

Free Apps

Our team offers you 9 travel apps free of charge, all available on both the App Store and Google Play. The mission of these apps is to introduce travelers to individual destinations, providing information on attractions, food & drink, activities, towns & villages, and more.

Please note that while our free apps are maintained, they are not updated and only provide basic information.

Our Prime App

For those seeking the ultimate companion and guide for exploring the top Greek destinations, our team has developed the Greek Travel App. This Prime App includes the full edition of each of our 9 free apps and features a total of 25 Greek Islands, with Athens included.