20 Free Things To Do this Summer in Paros

There are plenty of free activities and attractions to enjoy in Paros during the summer. Here are 20 suggestions for your visit:

  1. Explore the charming streets of Parikia, the island’s capital.
  2. Visit the Church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani, a historic Byzantine church in Parikia.
  3. Wander around the picturesque village of Naoussa and its scenic port.
  4. Discover the ancient ruins of the Delion Sanctuary in Parikia.
  5. Relax on the pristine beaches of Golden Beach, Kolymbithres, or Santa Maria.
  6. Hike the Byzantine Road from Lefkes to Prodromos, a well-preserved ancient path.
  7. Enjoy the sunset from Kastro, a Venetian fortress in Parikia.
  8. Attend a free open-air cinema event at Paros Park during the summer.
  9. Stroll through the charming village of Lefkes, with its traditional architecture and narrow streets.
  10. Visit the Monastery of Agios Arsenios, a spiritual sanctuary with panoramic views.
  11. Explore the ancient ruins of the Asclepieion, an ancient healing center dedicated to the god of medicine, Asclepius.
  12. Discover the local flora and fauna at the Environmental and Cultural Park of Ai-Giannis Detis.
  13. Admire the picturesque windmills in the village of Marpissa.
  14. Visit the Frankish Castle, a 13th-century fortress in Parikia.
  15. Attend the various cultural and religious festivals (Panigiria) that take place throughout the summer.
  16. Explore the village of Aliki and its small fishing port.
  17. Visit the Folklore Art Museum of Cycladic Civilization in Marpissa.
  18. Take a leisurely walk around the scenic fishing village of Piso Livadi.
  19. Join the traditional “Summer in Paros” event, which showcases local music, dance, and food.
  20. Visit the Valley of the Butterflies (Petaloudes), a lush habitat for various butterfly species.

These free activities will help you make the most of your Paros vacation while immersing yourself in the island’s history, culture, and natural beauty.