Rhodes: 10 Best cruises

exploring nearby islands and historic sites

Rhodes, the largest of the Dodecanese islands in Greece, offers a variety of cruise experiences to explore the island’s beautiful coastline, visit nearby islands, and discover hidden coves and beaches. Here are 10 of the best cruises in Rhodes:

  1. Symi Island Cruise: Take a day trip to the picturesque island of Symi, famous for its colorful neoclassical architecture and crystal-clear waters. Explore Symi Town and visit the Panormitis Monastery.
  2. Marmaris (Turkey) Cruise: Embark on a day trip to the Turkish coastal town of Marmaris. Discover its vibrant bazaar, historic castle, and beautiful marina.
  3. Halki Island Cruise: Enjoy a relaxing day on the tranquil island of Halki, known for its traditional architecture, quiet beaches, and crystal-clear waters.
  4. Lindos Cruise: Sail along the eastern coast of Rhodes and visit the historic village of Lindos, famous for its stunning acropolis and white-washed houses.
  5. East Coast Beaches Cruise: Explore the beautiful beaches of Rhodes’ east coast, such as Tsambika Beach, Agathi Beach, and Stegna Beach, with opportunities to swim, snorkel, and sunbathe.
  6. Anthony Quinn Bay & Traganou Beach Cruise: Discover the picturesque Anthony Quinn Bay and Traganou Beach, where you can swim, snorkel, or relax on the beach.
  7. Sunset Cruise: Experience a romantic sunset cruise along Rhodes’ coastline, taking in the stunning views as the sun sets over the Aegean Sea.
  8. Kallithea Springs & Faliraki Beach Cruise: Visit the historic Kallithea Springs and enjoy some leisure time at Faliraki Beach, known for its golden sands and crystal-clear waters.
  9. Mega Yacht Cruise: For a luxurious experience, charter a mega yacht and explore the hidden gems of Rhodes and the surrounding islands at your own pace.
  10. Sailing Cruise: Embark on a sailing adventure around Rhodes, exploring secluded bays, beautiful beaches, and charming villages.

These cruises offer a variety of experiences, from exploring nearby islands and historic sites to relaxing on beautiful beaches and enjoying the natural beauty of Rhodes and the Aegean Sea. Choose the one that best fits your interests and preferences for a memorable experience.